Eric Sturgis grew up on Longshore Drive in Ann Arbor, attended Northside Elementary, Clague Middle School and Ann Arbor Huron High School.

Eric is a lifelong Democrat including being a precinct captain at age 18, and working on the John Kerry campaign. In 2008 Eric worked in Port Huron, Michigan on the Obama for America campaign, where he worked 10 hours a day of door to door work and phone calls. Eric has been active in many city, and state wide races in Michigan. Eric has a an Associates Degree in Liberal Arts from Oakland Community College and is work to finish his Secondary Education degree with a Social Studies major, and English minor at Eastern Michigan University. Eric hopes to teach grades 7-12. He also was a para-professional sub, and will look to do that in the fall as well.

Eric has a passion for Ann Arbor and the 1st Ward. He currently works as a tennis coach, and helps with the tennis program at Ann Arbor Skyline High School. Eric resides on Longshore Drive with his grandmother.


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