Important Issues that affect Ann Arbor and the 1st Ward:

  • I support the recommendations of the R4C/R2A citizens Committee: This will help prevent the over-sized development in the downtown and surrounding communities. It will preserve the scale and sustainability of the downtown and neighborhoods. It will also preserve the character of the downtown and neighborhoods, something that is very important to me.
  • Supporting and Protecting Neighborhoods

We need responsible development in the downtown area. The development needs to follow strict zoning and ordinance requirements. We need our neighborhoods to be safe and more pedestrian friendly. This includes having more speed limit signs or stop signs added in certain areas as well as having more police enforcement of speeding and cut-through traffic. As a lifelong 1st Ward resident, I have seen the negative effects first hand of speeding and cut-through traffic in our neighborhoods with children. I will fight as your councilperson to reduce speeding and cut-through traffic. I will be a voice for our neighborhoods, supporting more bicycle and walker-friendly neighborhoods.

  • Supporting City Services

I strongly support our City Police and Fire Department. I was happy to see the addition of police officers and firefighters in the council budget. Council was responsible using the surplus money to fund more safety. I support adding more police and fire if we are using sustainable and re-occurring finances. I will work hard to make sure that trash pickup is always on schedule, and if the city has a surplus of money, I would support using it to add police and fire fighters.
Ann Arbor is currently ranked as one of the nations safest cities, and we have had a 70% reduction in crime, something that makes me proud to be an Ann Arborite. Under the Mayor’s direction, the city has increased city services while reducing government. This is something that I would be strongly committed to as your First Ward City Council person.

  • Supporting Parks

I strongly support our city parks in Ann Arbor and the 1st Ward. I agree with the city charter that before the city can sell any parkland it should go to a vote of the residents. I support the maintaining of our great parks, and have worked hard in my support to make parks the best they can. Bandmere Park is important to me as well. I worked on the Green Belt campaign, and support all park mileages. It is important that our parks are adult and children friendly. This will be a strong committment of mine as your 1st Ward council representative.

  • Being a Voice at City Hall for 1st Ward residents

1st Ward residents deserve an advocate in City Hall. I will advocate to protect our neighborhoods by working with staff and council members to implement more policies that directly address these very important issues. I will send out a monthly newsletter as well as hold monthly meetings with 1st Ward residents. I will always be open for comments and welcome feedback from residents at any point. I am Pro First Ward and Pro Ann Arbor, and every decision on council I will make with that in mind.

  • Budget

It was a great thing to see the budget pass 9-2 for 2012. In the budget council was able to add more police and fire, and keep critical funding for Human Resources, Public resources, housing, and the District Court. These are all committments that I will continue to work on while representing the 1st Ward. Since the budget is a two year process, I hopefully look forward in working with my colleagues on the budget, and hopefully having another surplus where we are able to add even more police and fire.

721 North Main Street/Allen Creek Greenway

This is a project that I will continue to work on if elected to council. Being able to create more walkable, and bicycle friendly paths that connect the 1st Ward and other parts of the city is a top priority. I would like to see the 721 North Main Study Committee recommendation on what to do, and hopefully it can be tied in with the Allen creek Greenway. At this point we do not have the money to sustain the Greenway, thus I would like to see some sort of connection of the two.

Train Station/Wall Street Parking Garage

I am vehemently opposed to the Parking Garage that the University of Michigan has planned to build on Wall Street. This will create more traffic and congestion in the 1st Ward. I want to hear the recommendations of the Federal Railway Administration in regards to which location is best, and the detailed reasons why. After hearing there recommendations, I then would like to have public input as well. I know that the Public preferred option, however, I am going to keep an open-mind before I make any decision.

City Art Program

I would like to see local artists used as much as possible. That is one of the criteria that I would use when deciding whether to support or oppose a project. The concept of city art is great, and it is only 1 percent, however, we have many issues in the city that need to be addressed, that could all use more funding. I like the fact that local welders are used. An important note is that council held 3 public forums regarding City Art, and the majority of residents were in support.


I support transit and the implementation of the 4 party agreement. Transit is essential to the environment, and will also help senior citizens by being able to use AATA to connect to different parts of the county. Transit is something that is very important, and as your council member I will advocate for the implementation of transit, and continue to support the idea of transit.


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